Why Bocar alloy ute trays - Top 10 reasons

1. Quality: Genuine Bocar products are far superior to any others in the same price range. We don’t simply inspect, we build quality in.

2. Durability: Bocar supplies heavy duty products only. Built to last in tough Australian conditions.

3. Design: Genuine Bocar products are engineered, tested and built to suit harsh Australia conditions.

4. Economical: Bocar Trays are economical and affordable. Just compare our quality and price, we beat the market by a country mile.

5. Range: Products are constantly being developed to extend the range.

6. Service: Industry leading fitment and delivery times on the majority of stocked products.

7. Experience: Bocar is one of the oldest and most respected automotive brands in the industry, with over 45 years experience.

8. Innovation: Bocar is the first manufacturer to come out with tubular contoured headboards and shaped extrusions for drop sides.

9. Leader: Bocar ideas and designs have become industry standard and we are always one step ahead of our competition.

10. Choice: Bocar is the manufacturer of choice for custom build and configured tray bodies for a variety of industries from trade to leisure.

Published at: 19-06-2015
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