Must-have features of a ute tray

Looking for the best ute tray Australia has to offer? This guide is the perfect place to start.

Ute trays are one of the most significant purchases you’ll make for your workhorse, so making the right decision is critical. A top-quality tray will deliver years of hard use, empowering you to travel wherever, whenever, with whatever you need. On the other hand, a sub-par tray may corrode over time and give up when conditions get tough.

To help you get the most bang for your buck, keep an eye out for the following must-have features.

Aluminium construction body

Aluminium construction body

Aluminium is rugged, long-lasting, and lightweight. By opting for alloy over steel, you can save upwards of 100 kg, helping you maintain fuel efficiency and the ability to transport more gear. Better yet, a lighter tray is easier on your ute’s tyres and mechanics, which means less wear and tear every trip.

Another benefit of aluminium is its natural corrosion resistance. In contrast, steel requires powder coating to stand up to the elements. Top-quality aluminium builds resist rust, which protects the tray’s structural integrity and shiny good looks.

Our Bocar trays come with heavy-duty mounting systems and are designed for a lifetime of use, giving you total peace of mind.

Welded alloy headboard

Welded alloy mesh headboard

The best ute trays deliver ultra-tough headboards, and here at Bocar, our benchmark designs feature Ø76mm welded alloy mesh, creating an all-new industry standard that’s copied but unmatched.

What’s so great about a welded alloy headboard? For one, the headboard gives you somewhere to secure your cargo. But perhaps more importantly, the headboard prevents your gear from shifting forward into the cab following sudden braking. We’ve all experienced the effects of inertia – the headboard helps keep you, your cab, and your passengers safe.

Compatible accessories

Alloy ute tray accessories

The beauty of customising your ute is picking and choosing the accessories that make your life easier. But, of course, that’s not possible if your ute tray isn’t compatible with the add-ons you need. The Bocar alloy ute tray gives you access to a leading range of game-changing accessories from rear ladder racks to above and under tray storage.

Alloy mudguards

Alloy mudguards

Most of us love off-roading but don’t love what it does to our vehicles. Dirt, mud, and unruly debris can wreak havoc on your ute. When deciding which is the best ute tray for your vehicle, keep an eye out for mudguards and flaps. These essentials help keep your ute clean and damage-free.

Ute tray warranty

Ute tray warranty

Warranties give you confidence in your purchase by providing financial protection should the worst occur. Warranties are also a sign a brand stands by the quality of its products. All Bocar alloy ute trays are covered by a generous two-year, 40,000 km warranty so that you can get on the job (or weekend adventure) without the worry.

Buy your ute tray

Feeling inspired? Unleash your vehicle’s potential with a brand-new, tough-built ute tray from Bocar. Our durable designs deliver the above features and then some so that you can get more out of every drive. Engineered for harsh Aussie conditions, you can move with confidence knowing your vehicle has what it takes.

Shop our range of alloy ute trays today, and please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. We’d be more than happy to assist.

Published at: 06-06-2022
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