How to level up your ute’s protection – without breaking the bank

Whether you’re a hard-working tradie or weekend warrior, your brand-new ride is your pride and joy. We’re right there with you, and we know that you’re raring to deck it out with best-in-class protective accessories. The Aussie climate isn’t exactly mild, so your ute has got to be tough enough to stand up to mid-summer storms and scorching temperatures.

It’s all too easy to go down the rabbit hole of ute accessories, but we’re here to set the record straight. You don’t need to break the bank to level up your ute protection. Prioritise what matters most to you and stick with time-tested quality products.

Here are the protective add-ons you need to keep your ute’s cargo and its passengers safe and secure.

Cargo protection

First up, you’ll want to secure your cargo with some secure ute tray storage. You’ve got options here, depending on your specific needs and budget. If you work in a trades industry, you know first-hand how rough and tumble vehicle conditions can get. A quality lockable toolbox built with thick alloy steel gives you the peace of mind you need to thrive in rugged environments.

Our genuine Bocar toolboxes – available in both above and under ute tray models or an under tray trundle – are water- and dust-resistant and finished to industry-leading standards.

Under ute tray storage box

Bull bars

Bull bars are one of the most versatile ute accessories on the market, and if you’re serious about safeguarding your ride, it’s a must-have. Here are some of the game-changing benefits of these ultra-tough add-ons:

  • Bull bars protect your vehicle against animal collisions. If you’ve ever hit a roo at 100 km/h, you know how much damage they can cause. In some cases, a hit can render your car undrivable.
  • Bull bars protect your ride off-road and on rough roads. Hazards like rocks and sticks can get jammed on the front and underside of your ute. You don’t need us to tell you steel is harder to penetrate than plastic, and that’s why bull bars are essential if you travel off the beaten track.
  • Bull bars give you a rock-solid mounting point for winches and other accessories. Even if you don’t plan on using a winch, a winch-capable bull bar can push up your ute’s resale value.

When shopping for a bull bar, look for five-star build quality and a stellar brand reputation. We use genuine Bocar Stockade Black Steel Bull Bars, the heavyweight champs of the bull bar industry. In addition, our bars are ADR Approved and airbag compatible, so you can protect your vehicle without compromising your own on-road safety.

Bull bar protection

Nudge bars

Nudge bars protect your ute’s radiator grille without altering your bumper bar, making them a dependable, fuss-free protective add-on. When choosing a nudge bar, look for a sturdy mounting system – our Deluxe and Ultimate Series nudge bars bolt directly onto your vehicle’s chassis, ensuring everything stays in place on rough and uneven roads.

Plus, accessory tabs enable you to safely install the extras you need to get the most out of your vehicle, such as lights and ariels.

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Published at: 10-11-2021
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