Bull bar care tips

Corrosion Protection

Going on an adventure! Be sure to rinse all areas and remove any sand, mud or de-bris in and around any areas that can catch this type of matter. Going to the beach! Make sure to rinse all salt water and sand off. To improve the longevity and life of this product, be very thorough with fresh water and a sponge.

Nuts and Bolts

At Bocar we do not get to experience your adventures or service your vehicle, so be sure to regularly check all nuts and bolts, especially after a large Off Road trip or regular use on Civil, Mining and construction sites.

Love Care and Attention

Planning to drive in a salty environment! If so, spray all fasteners with a Lanolin or WD40 protectant for longevity. If you spot a deep scratch touch up with paint to help prevent rust and inhibit corrosion. Regularly Wash & Dry the product the same as your vehicle using normal car wash to maintain appearance.

Modifying Your Vehicle

Modifications to your vehicle involves some risk, all care has been taken to test driv-er aids so they work as the vehicle manufacturer intended. There may be the need to re-calibrate after fitment by the vehicle manufacturer. As the owner of your vehicle the driver remains, responsible for the vehicle at all times when driving. Check and re-tighten any components after your first adventure. Regular up keep will help you get the most out of your Genuine Bocar Product and your pride and joy.

Published at: 28-08-2020
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